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Nehemiah was a spiritual giant. Yet he was a layman. What can we learn from him, his calling to work as the king’s cupbearer and his fierce determination to finish the work GOD had given him? 

Find out more this upcoming May in Philippsburg, Germany, as we are coming together for the 3rd CARE Leadership Weekend 2019.



Christopher Kramp

Christopher is a German evangelist and the director of Joel Media Ministry. After attending PEACE in 2010, he left a promising career as an orchestra conductor and found the joy of his life in winning souls for Christ. Ever since, he has held seminars and preached in over 11 countries on 4 continents. Christopher is happily married to his wife Rabea and currently pastors the Stuttgart/Bad-Cannstatt SDA Church. At the CARE Leadership Weekend 2019, he will set the historical setting and context for the book of Nehemiah, dive into an exegetical analysis of the book and preach its relevance for our leaders today.

Christian Vogel

Chris grew up in Germany and the United States and pursued his theological studies in Bogenhofen, Austria and Berrien Springs, MI (USA). For the last ten years, he has been speaking at numerous churches and events about his all-time favorite book: The Bible. He blogs about his reading method and findings at and loves to share his exegetical approach with young people. Chris is part of CARE Network Ministry and is currently working on the new CARE Leadership Handbook for all CG Leaders.

Vincent Bujor

Vincent is the co-founder and director of CARE Network Ministry. In 2015, shortly before moving to Detmold, Germany to pursue his studies in music, he gave his life to Christ and started Europe’s first CARE Group. Ever since then, his desire to share the love of God, as well as his practical approach to an authentic Christian lifestyle has taken him around the globe. Vincent currently lives in San Diego and works for Auditone Music Group LLC, a German-American startup that develops comprehensive ear training solutions for professional musicians.

Seline Vogel

Seline is a certified nutritionist and health expert. Besides her love for vegan food and nature, she likes to exercise outside and spend quality time with her husband Carsten. Through her Instagram presence healthyhabit_seline, thousands of people around the world have been influenced by her recipes, pictures and blog posts. At the CARE Leadership Weekend 2019, she will share how to include the Adventist health message in a CARE Group setting, as well as how to cook healthy food that doesn't take too long to prepare.